"My studio is a glimpse into my mind."

~Karen Walkup

"I make it a rule never to paint except out of pleasure."

~Camille Pissarro

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

~Thomas Merton


I love painting and I love wordplay. 

A painting is a form of journaling for me, minus the words, and greeting cards are just small paintings WITH words.

You'll find both here.

Creating art is my passion. I am completely happy and at ease when I'm in my studio working on a canvas.

 I was invited to my first "art demo" by my 80 year old neighbor in 1996. Enchanted by the process, the freedom, and the expressiveness, I never stopped experimenting. 

I paint  nearly every day, and I also have a lot to say...so spontaneously, I began pairing words and watercolors. When I started sharing these small vignettes which I now call Recovery Cards, they were well received and the collection of cards was created.

 After having taught painting classes in Alzheimers facilities for 3 years, I'm very comfortable with watercolor, and prefer using it for detail work, but when I'm feeling more daring, I choose acrylic paint! 


Angel Collection

Angel collection