Recovery Cards~ Fall 2018 Greeting Card Collection

 Roughly 23 years of my life is represented in this body of work I call RECOVERY CARDS.  I’ve lost and “recovered” my hope, joy and peace of mind, many times over. Thank goodness for art supplies! When I began combining expressive words with painting, I discovered a most helpful coping tool! Expressing my highs and lows with collage has been my greatest survival skill!

I think just about every sentiment imaginable is represented here. As I began sharing these small vignettes, I found it impossible to categorize the profound thoughts captured in this vast collection of greeting cards until I read the definition of the word recovery.

*Recovery: a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength; the process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost. 

Recovering from what life throws at you, is a glorious thing, but when you add to that, the act of recovering your trust, confidence, even laughter, OR helping someone else to...


I could never pass up a great card, and usually had to read them all when I found a collection I liked. I hope that happens for you now. Keep checking the website. I will be adding hundreds of cards.

These profound, hand designed, 5x7 artworks are meant to encourage and support, and who doesn't love to receive a hand written card?! Share one today!!!

**watermark will not appear on printed card.

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